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Complete Pre-Natal Program

Diet and Nutrition: What to eat during pregnancy for the optimum development of the baby and keeping the health of the mother in primary focus. Our nutrition plans are tailor made to each woman keeping in mind her lifestyle choices, dietary preferences and pregnancy needs.

General Pregnancy Information: A session which covers common pregnancy complaints and remedies, warning and danger signs, myths and misconceptions, life style changes, latest developments in the prenatal field and more.

Exercises: This forms an extremely important part of pregnancy. Strengthening & stretching to relieve discomforts of pregnancy like backache, cramps, sciatica, breathlessness etc. Exercises help to reduce the chances of developing high blood pressure and gestational diabetes in pregnancy. Exercises can shorten the length of labour and enhance its progression

Hynobirthing: Hynobirthing technique aim to teach you ways to stay in control and calm during pregnancy, labour and birth whatever happens. Hypnobirthing techniques can help you cope with labour and reduce your need for other forms of pain relief. If you're in a lot of pain, are worried or feel scared during labour, your body is likely to go into fight-or-flight mode. Stress hormones, the main one being adrenaline, will flood your body. Adrenaline reduces the blood flow to your uterus (womb) and digestive system. Instead, your blood flows more readily to the large muscles in your limbs so that you're ready to fight or run away. As a result, the muscles of your uterus will work less well, because they are deprived of blood and oxygen. This can make labour harder and longer. Your baby will be getting less oxygen too. Plus, just when you most need it, the hormone that eases labour, oxytocin, is less likely to be released. Stress hormones stop your body producing oxytocin. You'll also produce fewer of the natural hormones (endorphins) which numb pain and help you feel good. Controlling your feelings through self-hypnosis can prevent these stress responses from kicking it and make labour easy.

Infant Care : MBA – Management of Baby Affairs:-
List of topics dealt with in the program are:

  • Baby umbilical cord care and hygiene
  • Baby massage and bath
  • Swaddling and clothing the baby
  • Advantages and disadvantages of cloth nappy and disposable nappy
  • Handling emergencies for babies under one year of age
  • Baby care myths and facts
  • Sleeping techniques and safe sleeping positions
  • Information on vaccinations for the baby
  • Baby's cries and how to settle them
  • Tips for you on your first day as a mother

Breast Feeding: Initiation and long term Breast Feeding, ideal feeding positions, common problems faced and remedies, breast v/s bottle and weaning is the focus of this session.

Post Natal Care & Recovery: Why 40 Days? The changes a woman’s body goes through during and post child birth and how she can help herself attain recovery in the optimum way post a vaginal birth or a cesarean section.

Labor and Delivery: The different types of deliveries, what to expect in a hospital scenario, how to identify pre-labor and labor signs and symptoms and when to go to the hospital, episiotomies and epidurals, tips and tricks to ease labor pains, breathing exercises, labor positions and more.

Sessions are conducted as per your trimester. Registration begins at 12 weeks.

Package cost: Rs.4000/-